Saturday, November 19, 2011


Got the OGTT test results from TrialNet.  M is in two studies TEDDY and TrialNet.  TrialNet is the one that has her doing the OGTT's and both do antibody tests.  TEDDY started at 3 months (they were the ones who tested her cord blood at bith) and TrialNet started when she got the second positive antibody.  TEDDY is trying to figure out what environmental factors may trigger the gene while TrialNet is trying to prevent.  TrialNet tests for one more antibody that TEDDY doesn't.  That one has always been negative.

Until now.

Her ICA dropped back to negative.

I'm not sure what the trigger will be but she's supposed to be eligible to start an oral insulin trial when she hits the correct sequence of antibody positives.

And two of her blood sugar results came back "Impaired Glucose Tolerant".

The doctor wrote a note on the paper to "Be sure to check ketones with ANY illness".

The loud ticking noise in the back of my head needs to go away.

I frequently wonder if it would be easier on the parent to be caught unaware.  It's better for the kid (I HAVE to tell myself that) to have warning but it's flat out killing me.

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