Friday, October 15, 2010

Will This Ever End?

I was looking at the Parker Rec online schedule to see what time Baby's Kids Kulture class starts tomorrow.  It's a free once a month thing for littles but you do have to register.  I'd signed up for them but wanted to double check the time.

It says I have a class that has already started.  Made no sense to me since her swim lessons didn't start again until Monday.  They've always been two weeks on, one week off, two weeks on etc.  You have to sign up for the next class a week out and you don't know what level your kid is going to need to sign up for until the end.  That gives you a couple days to sign up for the next session.  Makes sense right?

And I'd signed her up to repeat Minnow because at the end of the first week of her private lessons her teacher told me that Minnow would be cake but she'd struggle with Shark because she needed to work on her endurance.  The fact that she'd had an ear infection and was fighting a cold wasn't helping so I just went with the Minnow - and the timing worked with my UI checks and I have to budget in that way.  Made things tight then but I got help from an outside source and was able to make it.  Even managed to get a haircut before my interview so felt better about myself.

Back to the already started class.  Yep, it was her swimming class.  My screw up because I wasn't looking at a calendar and just signed her up not noticing that THERE WAS NO WEEK OFF BETWEEN CLASSES!   Yeah I just paid for a week of classes she didn't get to take.  Oh and there isn't a week off after this either so I have to get her signed up for the next session this weekend.

I hate feeling like such a screw up!

Oh and while I've been very proud of Baby's choices lately (wanting the plain apple slices instead of the candy/carmel apple) I'm getting concerned because it's becoming a fight to get her to eat breakfast and she's started talking about CALORIES!  At first I thought it was just a word she'd picked up off of hearing an adult conversation but when she was looking at the nutrition box on her cereal (mini wheats - I like them for the high fiber count and they help her poop) and pointed out the calorie information to me along with telling me the number I knew it was much more. 

I know that if she actually does develop Type 1 diabetes she's going to have to count carbs for the rest of her life but I don't talk calories with her.  I talk healthy foods and treats and that treats aren't had every day.  She still has halloween candy from last year for pete's sake!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thanks for all the comments!

To be clear the genetic component is the one part that I don't have a lot of guilt about - except for obviously my choice in sexual partner - because I know she didn't get the gene from me.  I don't have it and no one in my family going back at least 3 generations has ever been diagnosed with Type 1.  Type 2 yes on my dad's side.

It's more along the lines of the TEDDY study.  Trying to figure out what triggered the genes to act up in the first place.   Something in her environment caused her body to go into overdrive and start fighting itself.   When she started out (no antibodies acting up) her chances were only 14%.  1 in 7 with the gene actually develop the disease in their lifetime.  With the first antibody her chances rose.  The latest testing was more extensive so we know that her odds are now greater then 50% and within the next 5 years.

So what was it that I did, didn't do etc that other parents didn't do and did that made the difference?  And what can I do that will put the odds back in her favor?

She's not on any medications yet as she actually has a functioning pancreas now but they were talking about the possibility of putting her on oral glucose as part of a trial (which means she could have the placebo) to see if it will help prevent the disease.  Her next TEDDY appointment is in two weeks so hopefully I'll have a lot more answers then.  I'm going to call the doctor tomorrow (or Tuesday since I don't know about office hours with the holiday) to see if I can get answers sooner.

I still have to test her blood sugar a couple times a month (daily if she's sick) and she'll have another glucose tolerance test in 6 months.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Mother's Guilt

I know it's not true.  Or rather I think it's not true.

But I can't help but feel that I am in some way responsible.  There had to be something I could have done, should have done, need to do now that would stop all this.

I just wish I knew what it was.

Friday, October 8, 2010


Got the results from the glucose tolerance test and other tests from TrialNet - the other study that came in after she tested positive for a second antibody.  It didn't mention the other genetic testing they were supposed to be doing and, of course, it's after 5 on Friday so can't call them to ask about it.  

I did get the glucose numbers, which were all fine, and the results of the FOUR antibodies they tested her for (TEDDY only does 3) and she tested positive for 3 of the 4.

The end result?

She has a greater then 50% chance of developing diabetes in the next 5 years.

Sucks rotten eggs.