Sunday, July 24, 2011


Her RG was 141 an hour after a banana and half a stick of cheese and her A1C was 5.6 up .3 from three months ago and continuing the trend up.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to recognize the pattern.  It will be another 4 weeks before we get the test results.  She was her usual champ self during the blood draw.  Didn't even have a tech hold her arm down.  Did it all on her own.  The researcher laughed and said the stress test data was going to be useless with her because there was obviously no stress.

So afterwards we just came home for a bit.  Tried to get the kid to eat lunch (all she ate was some baby carrots) while I spend a little time online and took a nap.  Then off to some friends for a BBQ.  The family we met over the 4th of July invited us to their place for a housewarming/birthday party.  Baby played and played and played.  I got a couple bites of food in her by calling her over and making her try something from my plate but otherwise notta.  Except for the s'more later after dark when they started up the fire.  Her first!  She had such fun playing with all the kids.  Didn't get home until well after midnight and the heat kept us from sleeping in much so I'm thinking we will both be going down for naps in a bit.

I met lots of nice people.  One was a lady who is a T1.  Turns out both her kids are in TEDDY but have been clear so far.  She was dx'd at 11 and until she got her pump she wasn't expected to make it past 20.  She's now 31.  So she's in love with her pump.  We talked about different brands and let me in on something.  Seems the Medtronic, besides it's continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is creating an app for smart phones to text alerts for lows (or highs) so that Mom or Dad can adjust programming WHILE AT WORK or away from the child.  That would be so cool!  It's kinda funny how in the last 2 weeks I've met two other TEDDY families.  Okay one.  The first family, the one's having the BBQ, found out that their daughter had the gene but their ped talked them out of joining the study.  She's wishing she hadn't listened now.

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