Friday, April 22, 2011


Baby had her second OGTT today at Children's.  Her fasting was 86 and A1C was 5.3.  Both numbers the same as three months ago.  She was a champ as usual.  Her only fussing coming when they were taking the tape off her arm - it was really stuck.

FYI she weighed 44.6 (down .4) and her height was 42.75 (up 3/4 of an inch) so I can't complain.

Afterwards we headed to the zoo where it was a little windy at first but calmed and was very sunny.  She passed out in the car on the way home :)  It was a good thing the plans to meet up with other local went the way of most Mercury retro plans because we were over a hour late.  We were there from 8 until shortly after 1.  

I left the camera in the car so pictures will have to wait until later.

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