Sunday, August 1, 2010

Quietly Having a Meltdown

Glucose tolerance test set for the 10th.  She'll have to miss a swimming lesson AND I better not have a job starting before then.  No, they won't do it on a Saturday.  Seriously.  Do they really think that everyone can just drop everything?  If I were working there'd be no way I could take her.

I'm also mad about the swimming lesson because I know she loves it.

I was wrong about the timing - it's -10, 0, after drinking and then every half hour so will only take two hours and I can get her in at 7:30 (early morning!) so she won't have to go too long without eating.

Besides the sugar they will do another A1C, antibody testing (pray for low numbers!) and test her for another gene that could be protective.  Hopefully I have it and she'll get it from me!

Won't get results for 4-6 weeks though.  Just in time for her next TEDDY appointment at the end of October it seems.

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