Saturday, July 24, 2010

Just got back from Baby's quarterly TEDDY appointment.  RG was 131 (half and hour to an hour after finishing a cup of orange juice) and A1C was 5.1  Looking good!  They told me that since she is positive for the one antibody she'll have to continue doing the quarterly draws even though normally she'd drop to twice a year once she turned 4.

This served to remind me why I don't want to move from the area.  I start thinking that maybe I'd have a better time finding a job if I were willing to move.  And then . . . well if we moved she'd no longer have the free monitoring of her blood sugar AND her connection to the Barbara Davis Center for Juvenile Diabetes.  Right now she's got it made in the shade should she end up developing diabetes.  Immediate access to all the latest research, products and support systems.  We move and it's all gone.

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